23 MarThe Webmaster’s Advise in Hosting A Lot Of Domains

Typical web hosting question is listed below


I have some questions about having my domain hosted:
1. Am I allowed to add things like adds from Google to get money?
2. Do I need to get the web hosting as well to have multiple sites on my page or is there another way. If there is, how?
3. Can they cancel the account at any time?
4. I signed up for the .99 deal, are there any other charges, such as a monthly fee or anything of that nature?

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25 FebWhat Seasoned Web Designers Do to Start Web Hosting Business

Multi Domain Hosting

A frequently-asked query:

Hi, I am looking for a web host which would best fit for a web designer.

I am looking for unlimited domains (having the ability to create multiple domains and providing my own web hosting for my own price through my web design site), unlimited bandwidth and whatever else would be best for me to have my own Web Designing business.
Any additional information would be great because I’m very new to this so I’m not exactly sure how everything works. Thank you!
anything reasonable!

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06 FebWhat is the best place to host a website?

A frequently-asked query:

I have had my site with YahooDomains since 2002… but I don’t like the forced changes they are making me adapt to. What is a good site to have host my site? Right now it is under 100mb, without much traffic, nothing really fancy, but it has over 100 pages within it. I need to have multiple email accounts, and I want to have my own domain with email accounts like @mydomainname.com, not @mydomainname.host.com. I want it to be a realiable host. I currently use CuteFTP 4.2 to upload, so if I can keep using it that would also be a plus.

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05 Febis there a "one stop shopping" blog host that meets my needs, or will i have to rig something?

A frequently-asked query:

want to make a website. i need to separate (or parallel) easy-to-update blogs, a portfolio (probably will use simpleviewer) and a place to record/archive links i’ve visited and liked (using blog software, i guess, so it’ll be easy to update?) with a way to categorize them. this last part needs to hold more than just the usual ‘list’ that runs down the side of a one-page blog.

i guess a good example of what i’m looking for is apartmenttherapy.com. it’s one site by name, but multiple sites in reality.

what website should i use to make/host a site like this? is there a blog site that will give me greater depth than a single front-page blog? one that will let me make side-by-side blogs and link them together? should i just code some navigational frames, and insert third-party blogs into that? can i navigate across several separate blogs and still hide it under my registered domain name?
if i want one graphic across the top, and for the same menu to remain no matter what part of the site you are looking at, the onus of the code for that is on me or no? how do i integrate an exterior blog into a frame of my own making without the comment link taking users away from my site and back to the blog host?

also: i am on a budget, so if i have to pay for the blog hosting, i can only afford the basic service.

i’ve been looking at typepad plus level, but i’m not sure it offers me a sanctioned way to integrate the three blogs together into one site. (and i’d rather not pay a year.)
sorry…that should be up there "i want to make a website. i need TWO separate (or parallel) blogs….

as in, two blogs, for two different subjects, but reached through one single navigation menu.

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03 FebHelp with stolen images?

A frequently-asked query:

I’m going to be vague about any site that has my images for risk of my images being stolen again.

For the past month, I have been posting my iPod drawings on a image hosting website and then on to an art website. Everything seemed fine until I decided to Google one of my images to see if it was on Google Images. I noticed that not one, but multiple images were stolen from me by this Myspace icon maker site. So I looked to see if they left any credit for them and the only thing I could find was
"We do not claim ownership of images, some images are created by us, some created for us by various designers."
I never created those drawings for their usage.
I then tried to contact them, however they "wrote" their email using an image that was deleted making it virtually impossible to ask them to delete them from the site.
So now annoyed, I Googled ‘THEWEBSITE’ complaints.
Turns out that other people have the same problem. Just no one has done anything.
I have the proof that the images are mine. I still have them on my iPod on which I drew them. I have made my image hosting albums private to prevent any future images from being stolen.
I’m currently writing a letter to the domain about it.
But how can I find out when my images where stolen? And is there anything that I can do to show more proof than two sites that have the uploaded images that I uploaded?

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02 FebHelp with GoDaddy Email Options?

A frequently-asked query:


I just set up my mom’s website with godaddy, and I’m still new to this. I want to try and set up her email, but I have two different email options. What is the difference? I tried their help site, but I couldn’t seem to find the answer I was looking for.

These are my options:
Free Email with domain – Personal Email (1 GB Total/1 Box) Use Credit (1 Avail)
Free Email with hosting – Free Hosting Email Account (100MB) Use Credit (1 Avail)

Basically I want to be able to sent up an email with info@xxxx.com or maybe contactus@xxxx.com.

Which is the one i want to use and why?

Plus, do you know if I will be able to set up multiple email ID’s? (like both info and contactus, and have them go to same inbox?)

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01 FebCreating a blog… Tips Appreciated..?

A frequently-asked query:

I’m a drunk.. well, probably an alcoholic.. I’m hoping that writing about all the horrible choices I’ve made, and my crazy past experiences will help me find some sort of direction and stability in my present day life.. and perhaps one day entertain the masses… Since I’ll be writing mostly about the past, I’m thinking of writing each post like a chapter in a book instead of a day-to-day blog?

anyway, which blog hosting site would you recommend, and why? and i know I need to purchase my own domain name, but finding the perfect domain name seems to be difficult because so many are taken.. any tips on coming up with a name that is unique, simple, catchy, and most importantly available? and also, who would you recommend buying the domain through?

everyone hopes their blog attracts tons of readers, so i will be optimistic that one day people will find my stories entertaining and informative.. so, what steps do i need to take when setting up the blog, like adsense, or having others able to subscribe to my blog (how?), or stat-tracker, or anything else? to make sure i do it right… and also to make sure my content isn’t stolen/plagiarized?

and would it be better to be funny or serious? I have a sense of humor, and I think readers prefer enlightened reading, but at the same time I don’t want to completely make a joke out of a pretty serious issue… how do i find happy medium, without sounding like i’m indifferent and can’t make up my mind..

And anything else you think would be prudent and useful…

I appreciate any and all answers…

And I answer many more questions than I ask; so, I do hope the favor can be returned despite the length, complexity, and multiple questions here…

(I know the grammar here is horrid… and Editing to perfection is important when trying to blog properly)

Thanks again.

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27 JanGetting Started with an Interactive Trivia Quiz Website?

A frequently-asked query:


I’d like to launch a Jeopardy type music trivia website which will include interactive question and answer quizzes (as opposed to multiple choice). About 95% of the quizzes will have 2 columns and the rows could be anywhere from 10 to 30. The rest of the quizzes will have 3 columns and the
rows could be anywhere from 10 to 30 as well. For example, I would have 1 category or question and I would provide 16 song clues in the first column and 16 correct answers in the second column which will have to be matched by a player.

I have all of my quizzes in an Excel file which I hope can be easily uploaded into the web host’s database and converted into interactive quizzes.

I don’t quite know how to get started. I already have a domain name but I’m still shopping around for a web hosting service. I’ve been told that there are some sites that supposedly have quiz templates anyone can copy and embed into any website. The templates I’ve found online appear to be multiple choice types. Maybe I’m just looking in all the wrong places.

Do some web hosts already have these quiz templates available once I subscribe with them? Or will I still need the services of a web programmer who can create the question and answer type
template from scratch?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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25 JanProblem with creating a website.?

A frequently-asked query:

I have created multiple websites. I’ve never had a problem. I recently tried to create a website hosting it with my computer, but I can only access it through localhost and not through the domain. I have my computer all setup as a DMZ host, and I know my ISP doesn’t block port 80 because I’ve never had this problem. Here is the website http://spirrwell.gotdns.org/ (I am hosting it with a temporary host right now so you can try to connect) Any help is greatly appreciated.
I know the temporary host doesn’t work that’s the point that’s what I’m trying to fix.

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22 JanHow to Get a Decent Free Hosting Service

FAQ|Multi Domain hostingA frequently-asked query:

Hi, I’m looking for a decent, FREE web host. I want a host that can access and change DNS settings with, create multiple FTP accounts, use a custom domain, has no ads, is free, and has no transfer charge(This doesn’t matter so much as the others do).

Right now, I am using Zymic and I almost uses Nuzoka, but it has obnoxious ads.
(I want one with a cPanel)

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